Bringing wellness to the workplace is our mission.
Helping individuals live a happy, healthy life is our passion.

Let us help you build a culture of health through our comprehensive and flexible Be Well Programs! 

BE Intentional

Biometric Screenings

Excellent Participant Experience
Stress Free Implementation  
Confidential and Professional Screenings

Superior Health Coaching

Immediate Participant Results  
Health Risk Education
Individualized Goal Setting

Outcome Reports

Advanced Data
Aggregate Reporting
Professional Consultation

BE Inspired

Wellness Coaching

Helping Employees Reduce Health Risks
Evidence-Based Coaching Practices
Whole-Person Approach to Well-Being

Health Education

Inspiring Seminars and Classes
Designed for Lasting Behavior Change
Innovative Science-Based Information

Incentive Programs

Long-Term Industry Experience
Customized Program Development
Engaging and Meaningful Programs

BE Influenced

Weight Management Program

Comprehensive Program with Proven Success
Individualized Weight Loss Plan
Ongoing Support, Material and Resources

Disease Management

Metabolic Syndrome Program
Diabetes Prevention and Management
Heart Healthy Program and More

Smoking Cessation

Smokers are estimated to cost employers nearly $6,000
more per year than nonsmokers.
(Centers For Disease Control and Prevention)

BE Informed

Stress Management

Interactive, Easy to Implement Programs
Team-Building with an Impact
Whole-Person Wellness Approach

Ergonomics / Pre-Shift Stretch

From office cube to boardroom to shop floor, we have you covered. 
Our programs integrate with wellness and safety. 

Interactive Programs & Classes

Simple, Meaningful and Flexible
Interactions That Inspire Change

Improve lives, save money, get results

Customized for your Company Needs, Contact us today for a free consultation!
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