Navigating Change with a Healthy Mindset

Aug 24, 2021 by SB Wellness Group

Navigating Change with a Healthy Mindset

The only constant in life is change.

Whether positive or painful, navigating change can be very challenging, especially when you are hit with a lot of unexpected change or events out of your control. Being able to better cope with adversity and navigate change takes greater acceptance, adjustment of mindset and patience with yourself.
Even when the world is chaotic and unpredictable, change encourages growth. It pushes you past your comfort zone and makes you stronger as a result. When change occurs, there are some key strategies we want you to remember in order to keep a more positive outlook on your future.

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic.” – Peter Drucker

Acceptance. Change is hard and getting to a place of comfort or feeling settled takes time. There are a number of feelings you may experience and encounter along the way. No matter the change in life, there could be excitement or fear, anxiety, or mental exhaustion. Just embrace whatever you are feeling in that moment and let it happen. Don’t force yourself to feel a certain way.

Build yourself up: Navigating change with a good mindset takes resilience. Focus on your talents and strengths and use them to move confidently through life’s changes. Reflect on a impactful event or major life change in the past. How did you change or grow from it? How are you a stronger or better person today because of it? It may not have seemed positive or easy at the time, but you had the strength to get through it. You can do the same moving forward.

Fight your instincts. Change can feel so difficult because it is in our nature to resist it. Getting out of your comfort zone, is well…uncomfortable. Our brains have a natural tendency to avoid discomfort or pain, both emotional and physical. Allow yourself time to gradually get used to uncertainty, no matter how uncomfortable. Challenge yourself to accept the way things are and be open to the possibility of opportunity and growth.

Stick to healthy habits. Establishing and continuing self-care routines are essential to keeping a good mindset. It is common for healthy habits to get sidelined when big changes arise. You cannot expect to navigate change gracefully if you are tired, poorly nourished, or overwhelmed. Stick to your self-care routine as closely as you can. Something as simple as a morning walk or sticking to a set bedtime can support you in accepting change in other areas of your life where needed.

Ditch the drama. When significant challenges and big life events occur, it is easy to be consumed by the media, gossip or other people’s emotions. Reach out and seek support from family or friends when needed. Just be aware if other’s opinions or negativity are bringing you down. If you find yourself confused or overwhelmed with what to think, rely on facts and keep a focus on what is good in your life. When life is shifting, it’s especially important to tap into the things that bring you joy. Savoring these moments rewires your brain for happiness and builds resilience.

“Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”   – John F. Kennedy


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